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Main Uses of a Tablet ( Surface Pro, Asus T-100, etc… )

Over the past couple weeks I have switched from my Asus T-100 to a Microsoft Surface Pro 1st Gen. One might ask why someone would make such a switch, stating that the battery life is less, the usability is worst, the form factor is heavier; and yes all these obstacles have come into my own consideration with using this device. However, the use of the Wacom pen and the power of the 4GB of ram come in handy so much more often.

Here is a short but sweet list of my main uses of my Surface Pro in no particular order:

  • Onenote and Pen – I use the pen with MS Onenote in order to design databases and keep my niece entertained with beautiful input. If I was an artistic type myself, I am positive I would use it more often.
  • Trello – Everyday is a Trello oriented day. It keeps my tasks at work organized, along with other more personal items such as groceries, and blog post ideas.
  • Research – Everyday I am out and about, from going to work, to helping out with events at my church I tend to not have a ton of time at my desktop anymore. Having the surface at my finger tips helps me make use of my spare time so that I can browse the web(tethered to my Nokia 920) and keep my well of knowledge growing.

I would love to hear what you use your tablets for, so feel free to leave a comment below enlightening me.


Get the User ID via MVC 5 using Identity 2.0

In the latest version of MVC and Identity there is no true best practice out on how to get the user and their ID yet. Therefore I have personally found adding a reference at the top of my controller allows me to get the UserId via the User.Identity class.

Hope this helps someone.