TOTD: Fix A WordPress Site URL From The Database

Here is the script I used today, to fix the site URL from my WordPress installation when I accidently messed it up today.


How To Add Your Email Back To Your Windows Phone Start Screen

Did you accidently delete your email tile from your start screen? I did… and here is how I got it back.

Simply go to Settings>email+accounts and locate the account you are missing from your home screen. Select it and uncheck the “Email” checkbox, then click the checkmark in the bottom application bar. Then go back into that same account again, and re-enable the checkbox for the email to that account. Click the done checkmark at the bottom again, and TA-DA! On your home screen there should be the tile to that email account once again (Check towards the bottom.)


Fitbit One

Fitbit OneThe Fitbit line of products is fairly well known among the general public of today. Fitbit is a company that specializes in health sensors for personal use among individuals.

Hearing about these quite a bit over the past couple years, I decided to go out and get a Fitbit One. Now I know most people are thinking “Why would you get the one?”. Well apparently I am an “old fashion” person by still having a watch, and I counter with
“What would the purpose of a flex be on my arm, when it doesn’t even tell me the time?”

So I haven’t been using it very long, only the past 16 hours or so. Most of which has been me sitting in a car… Yet it feels nice, and is very compact. Looks very similar to my pocket knife when clipped onto my pants.

I am excited to really dive in deep with it, and now that there is an official Windows Phone app for it, you know I will be working hard to do better on tracking my food and weight.

I’ll give more of an update in the next couple days on how I feel about it personally. Especially when I have a few days of the sleep features under my belt! Pretty excited to try it out.

That’s a bit about me and what I am thankful for today, what are you thankful for?`

Spam From INFINITE MONKEYS Through Outlook Via Gmail

Alarm Clock ClipArtLet me set the context. I am late to work because my alarm didn’t go off. This was caused by myself not plugging in my phone at night before bed. So therefore I was already upset at myself, and now at work I see that my some of my family and friends had replied to emails, I frankly never sent.

So obviously I had a problem… I first went into search mode, went through all my security settings on my outlook account, heck even make sure two-step authentication was still enabled. I revoked permissions to every application, phone, and Xbox I had ever signed in on. And yet something still didn’t feel right.

It then dawned on me that a long time ago, when I was still a Gmail user, I had encountered this experience before. So trying to remember my old gmail login credentials and failing miserably, I ended up going through their password reset process.

Picture of site.Once I was in, there was nothing to stop me, I revoked all my app passwords, and then there it was… Account Permissions. Something that I did not recognize at all. An app called “” had access to my account. I then tried visiting their site (don’t suggest it, screenshot to the left) and realized it was just a spam site. This must be what has been causing me problem every 6 months or so for the past couple years…

One last thing, the link it was sending out is below. I made it un-clickable for obvious reasons. Hopefully someone else out there finds this post helpful.


I found a problem. The problem is sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end. It bogs me down and makes my mind mush. So what is a nerd suppose to do?

BUILD SOMETHING! I decided to throw together a quick app that will remind you every now and then to get up and stretch. I call it Breaker. Simple name for a simple application. Hopefully it helps others by preventing long period’s of uninterrupted times on a PC.

Main Uses of a Tablet ( Surface Pro, Asus T-100, etc… )

Over the past couple weeks I have switched from my Asus T-100 to a Microsoft Surface Pro 1st Gen. One might ask why someone would make such a switch, stating that the battery life is less, the usability is worst, the form factor is heavier; and yes all these obstacles have come into my own consideration with using this device. However, the use of the Wacom pen and the power of the 4GB of ram come in handy so much more often.

Here is a short but sweet list of my main uses of my Surface Pro in no particular order:

  • Onenote and Pen – I use the pen with MS Onenote in order to design databases and keep my niece entertained with beautiful input. If I was an artistic type myself, I am positive I would use it more often.
  • Trello – Everyday is a Trello oriented day. It keeps my tasks at work organized, along with other more personal items such as groceries, and blog post ideas.
  • Research – Everyday I am out and about, from going to work, to helping out with events at my church I tend to not have a ton of time at my desktop anymore. Having the surface at my finger tips helps me make use of my spare time so that I can browse the web(tethered to my Nokia 920) and keep my well of knowledge growing.

I would love to hear what you use your tablets for, so feel free to leave a comment below enlightening me.


Get the User ID via MVC 5 using Identity 2.0

In the latest version of MVC and Identity there is no true best practice out on how to get the user and their ID yet. Therefore I have personally found adding a reference at the top of my controller allows me to get the UserId via the User.Identity class.

Hope this helps someone.

Destiny Beta Build

Tonight I received the opportunity to play the beta version of Destiny. Only words that can explain it… great. Bungie did a really good job with what I got to see.

There is plenty to do within the game itself. The coolest, part was when I was on a mission and out of no-ware this huge tank bug thing dropped down from a ship and every player had to work together to beat it. Pretty much the most awesome part of any first person game ever. And yes you heard right, me and the other players… as in I am playing my own game, but other people are in the same world… open world… awesome.

From step one there were people all around me working together to defeat the Fallen, all for their own self gain yet it just worked. We all saw the same villains and we all helped fight them.

As for multi player there is a section of the game dedicated to it. Once you reach level 5 and have a warp core you can proceed to battle one another.

I wish I had more time to keep testing it and such. Perhaps I’ll even pick up a copy when it finally released… who knows.

TOTD: Ollert The Data God For Trello

CaptureWhether you are a bank teller or a personal trainer, there are thousands of reasons to use Trello. I for one use it to not only manage my tasks for projects at work, but also to manage my grocery list at home, my lists of what I wish I could afford, things I actually need to survive, and sometimes even for remembering what everyone else wants. Basically it is an all in one list management system, and it works!

However there is one problem that exists for the service and it’s STATISTICS.

BAM! Ollert is the gift to big data guys from some of the guys during a startup weekend over at SEP. From numbers like “Finished this week” to “List with the least cards”. You can easily manage and understand what is happening across projects. It has bar graphs for your boss, and timelines for your manager. A great tool indeed. Check it out!