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As one might know, in my spare time I work with a ton of Node.JS, Python, and C++ based applications. However, what you don’t know is that I used a bunch of C# and .Net at my work place. And here is a little tid bit I need to share with the world.

Appending this item onto Doug’s post about his debugger not working quite right. This was the solution that enabled me to continue coding through the day.

  • If you are working on a Web Application, then try opening it in Internet Explorer.

IUPUI Computer Science Day

Hello Computer Science Day! At IUPUI(Indiana University — Purdue University Indianapolis) we celebrated today(3/13/2015), a great day, by inviting out some local high schools that have programming classes to come test their students skills. We had three contests going on for a bit over two hours each. From game development to advances programming techniques, the students got to come and test their skills via trying their skills at some challenges put together by us college kids.

I ended up helping with the Advance Programming Content. here is a picture of the classroom and some of the students:

WP_20150313_10_24_08_Pro WP_20150313_10_24_15_Pro

Also here is a small glimpse of the Q and A session being led by Dr. Hill:


And last but not least, one of me accidentally disobeying a rule, obviously fixing my mistake after getting my friend Naeem to take a picture of me:

Check out that bowl cut though ;)


All-in-all the competitions went very well. I wasn’t one of the people whom planned this event. However, I did get the chance to grab lunch with a few of the students and maybe sway some of their minds towards attending IUPUI. Anyways, have a great Pi(3.14…) day tomorrow!


Row Filter Builder Via Query Parameters

Today I ran into an issue where I had hacked together a simple single column filter for a dynamic DataGrid but ended up needing full filtering. I then had to pull an hour or two to re-create the code, therefore allowing me to do more in-depth filtering. You can scan through the code below because reading code is learning code.

Let me know if you are able to use this code. Any improvements? Just let me know.

Talking About Solving Problems

Yep, errors!! I Launched Visual Studio, opened up a project and came across a weird error telling me I need to check my “ActivityLog.xml” file. Needless to say it looked pretty normal until I got to the end. There was an System.IO.IOException which usually occurs when you try to access something that either doesn’t exist or belong to you… Yet the next statement was a sentence saying “The file exists”.

Contemplating this issue, I figured using an search engine should be my first reaction. I copied and pasted the entire error message, and nothing. Not a single result from any of the engines I used. Gotta break it down. Retried my search approach by re-scoping my copy/paste skills. I pasted in the first line or two of the error and waited for my results.

Breaking it down allowed me to come across a post about someone else getting a System.IO.IOException error when their TEMP folder was to large. Hum. Interesting<<< The link didn’t work, but the search engine’s meta data provided enough info for me to follow through.

Time to really get a solid answer though.

BAM! Found one… ->

Not sure how this guy figured out that exactly at 65535 files it would cause the error, but better him than me. Time to clean out my TEMP Folder. A simple opening up of “Disk Cleanup Utility” and BAM!

Problem solved!

Hopefully you enjoyed that simple look into my problem solving life.

How To Solve Problems

Sticky Note with Keywords about problem solving.Over the past few weeks I have noticed a trend showing up in the questions people have been asking me. Questions like “How did you do that?” and “Why did you think like that?” have been thrown around quite a bit. Therefore, I am using this post to represent a WORA(write once read anywhere) article.

Solving problems is a skill. You don’t just pick up a football and instantly become part of the NFL. You take your time, train your body, work hard to become something of which you want to be. Same goes for the skill of figuring things out. When you don’t use your brain, it weakens. Whereas if you are solving problems daily your brain starts to tie things together, strengthening you mind.

Hopefully this clears things up. I simply break things down, and I do it often. It isn’t about knowing a lot, it is about being able to take appropriate steps backwards and reassessing each issue. Anyone can do it, just don’t let yourself become flustered.

Node Against Humanity

GitHub-MarkThere has been ton of talk about Node.JS and IO.JS all over the web. Well, I am not here to discuss any of that. In fact I personally hope they decide to come back together. However, that is just my opinion.

Although on a positive note, after weeks of debating and school work, I have decided to release a private repo. to the public. Node Against Humanity! This socket based multi-user game has been my baby this winter. Yet it is time to let go. A sad but beautiful day for me. Please take care of it internet…

Given there will be a few bugs. The install and use is pretty straight forward. Simply install node and install the 3rd party packages. I’ll leave the details for the README. Yet if you do find a bug.. make an issue on Github.

** This project is looking for an icon/logo .. if interested, just let me know!

Does It Exist via SQL

Ran into an interesting problem today. I have a database that I need to analyze and then return a True/False value for if a certain row in a certain column is empty or not.

I was able to solve this problem using a Case Statement.

[ Source: ]

How To Fix The “ENOENT” Error Cause Via. Node.JS’s NPM Tool

Today I was working on installing nodeunit for a test project I was creating, when I ran into an interesting error. NPM Enoent Error This is a weird error. It would seem that NPM couldn’t find the folder under my $appdata%/Roaming folder… Therefore there must have been a problem when I first installed Node.js. The fix is simple. Go to the path and create the folder by hand. From there you should be completely in the clear! Give your npm command another try and enjoy!

New Laptop – Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

If you haven’t been keeping up with my posts lately, then you are probably unaware of how I have been without a fully functioning laptop for the past couple of weeks. WELL! As of today I am no longer without a machine! Between my savings and a surprisingly random gift from my parents(Thank you so much!) I was able to get the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro!

Now before you start bickering.. yes I know I just said the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.. that is because I wasn’t really interested in the 3 Pro… Yes, I am an outcast. Duly noted.

I won’t bother you with why I picked the laptop I got, because it is all based upon my opinion. Although I will mention.. I did get a very good deal… originally it was $1600 and I purchased mine for only around $1k. I am very pleased with my investment so far(Only had it for the day, dorks).

Without further adieu I shall present some photos: